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The old poster from the show on KUOI-FM, 89.3 FM! This is a late Saturday/early Sunday (January 24) update on Doo Doo Radio! There is now several pages on social media about this old show: Facebook: (hashtag #doodooradio)Youtube: many playlists; will update with more info when I get the chance. More to come!

Trump and P.T. Barnum

Carnival barkers have a certain "reputation" for truth and honesty. One famous carnival barker: the alleged source of the phrase "There's a sucker born every minute". Because of this, I've grown more curious about P.T. Barnum over the past four years. It seems many folks have been fond of making comparisons between Donald Trump and other historic figures (including me). Did Barnum share a lot in common with Donald Trump? Read more:

Trump and the f-word

UPDATE: 2020-09-03 - I'm trying to force myself to use the visual editing tools for WordPress to edit this blog post. Please bear with me.

We’re getting down to the final stretch. There are only eleven TEN more weekends before the November 3rd election day. There are many elections that matter, but Biden vs Trump is the one that many of my Facebook friends are posting about. And the “f-word” keeps coming up. (EDIT: 2020-08-30 at 5:30pm – I’ve been cleaning this post up quite a bit based on the Facebook discussion)

To my friends and family who are registered members of the Democratic-party….


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Blogging is dead; long live journaling!

I have accounts on Quora, Twitter, Medium, reddit, Mastodon, myndmess, Electorama, Miraheze, GitHub, GitLab, and, among other. Blogging is so aughts. I'm going to cover just a few of the sites that I journal on here: Website(s): (see also: Electorama/electowikiJournal: myndmess.orgJournal: Wikipedia (en)/Wikidata/WikimediaJournal: MediaWikiJournal: Those… Continue reading Blogging is dead; long live journaling!

Thinking about “flyover country”

Doc Searls from Santa Barbara, USA / File:Glacial_features_near_Beaver_Dam_Lake,_Wisconsin.jpg / CC BY ( UPDATE: 2020-04-24 - I posted most of what I was working on a few days ago over at Quora: I still have some content for Daily Kos as well, but I'm still working out how to present it for the Daily Kos… Continue reading Thinking about “flyover country”