Trump and the f-word

UPDATE: 2020-09-03 - I'm trying to force myself to use the visual editing tools for WordPress to edit this blog post. Please bear with me.

We’re getting down to the final stretch. There are only eleven TEN more weekends before the November 3rd election day. There are many elections that matter, but Biden vs Trump is the one that many of my Facebook friends are posting about. And the “f-word” keeps coming up. (EDIT: 2020-08-30 at 5:30pm – I’ve been cleaning this post up quite a bit based on the Facebook discussion)

To my friends and family who are registered members of the Democratic-party….


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Thinking about “flyover country”

Doc Searls from Santa Barbara, USA / File:Glacial_features_near_Beaver_Dam_Lake,_Wisconsin.jpg / CC BY ( UPDATE: 2020-04-24 - I posted most of what I was working on a few days ago over at Quora: I still have some content for Daily Kos as well, but I'm still working out how to present it for the Daily Kos… Continue reading Thinking about “flyover country”

Media companies really shouldn’t let this strike drag out

The writers strike has temporarily saved me from staring zombie-like from my slouched position on the couch, and instead has me typing zombie-like from a differently-slouched position on my couch. After seeing a couple of mildly amusing clips from on-strike writers (from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report), I was curious enough to poke… Continue reading Media companies really shouldn’t let this strike drag out

Seattle Parking Tax: Money Has To Come From Somewhere

Apparently, Mayor Nickels plans to propose a parking tax for downtown Seattle to fund transportation.  Fantastic!  That means that the people who commute to downtown from Issaquah or wherever pay some for Seattle transportation (as they should) whereas those of us who live and work in Seattle aren't getting disproportionately taxed.