Spectaclar Updates

I’ve been working on a bunch of miscellaneous stuff this week which are loosely related to the “Spectaclar” project:

  • A lot of wiki cleanup – I think I got most of the dead links, so that there’s at least stub articles everywhere there’s a link
  • Patch to MediaWiki – not a huge contribution, but one that really helped me understand the access control model in MW
  • Wrote a development planning doc for WordPress. There’s been a lot of acrimony this week about the WordPress development process, which the planning doc is a response to. I’m waiting for a review from Lorelle before floating it on the wp-hackers list. The acrimony has already died down, but I’m hoping this will provide some structure for requesting features.
  • I’ve installed Bugzilla/CVS (2.19.3+) – thinking about taking a stab an OpenID plugin for BZ, since I’m somewhat familiar with the BZ auth plugin model.

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