Apple’s $150 IQ test

I’m not an Apple fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have to hand it to them with the new laptops.  Not points on quality, but on revenue maximizing genius.  Specifically, charging $150 more for a black laptop.  People will pay for the cachet, and charging $150 is just enough to make sure it maintains cachet.  That said, please shoot me if I ever think it’s a good idea for me personally to spend $150 more on a laptop just to get the color I want.

3 thoughts on “Apple’s $150 IQ test

  1. Hmm, once the whole “having a baby” thing calms down, I’ll have to bring
    over my new MacBook Pro and show you first hand the errors
    of your thinking on this matter.
    Now that you have a baby, the whole photo/websight/movie and other multimedia
    capabilities might just sway you. I’ve already converted three others.

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