Enough of this silly freelance stuff

As of this week, I’m no longer a freelance developer. Who wants to run their own billing department? Certainly not me. I had a hard enough time filling out expense reports…doing my IRS Form 2210 again this last quarter kinda sealed the deal for me.

I have a new full-time job, working for Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. My job will be some parts developer relations, and some parts program management (at first, working with the development team on security-related stuff). I really liked working for Philip Rosedale (Linden’s CEO) back when he was at Real, so it was cool to get the opportunity to do that again. Now that he’s got his own company, he’s implemented a pretty radical style of management which he recently published on the Second Life blog as “The Tao of Linden“.

So, the whole family is down here in San Francisco while I meet everyone at the office, and get enough of a Kool-Aid(tm) injection to last me for a while as I work remotely from Seattle. Margaret has been eager for me to get this posted so that she can post some of the family-related stuff, so I’ll let her explain tomorrow what she and Hazel have been doing while I’ve been at work.

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