Software as hiring decision

This article in CIO Magazine touches on things that you should look for in choosing open source software:

  • Project stability: Can you trust the project to be there when you need it?
  • Project support: Can you get support when you need it?
  • Internal software management: Does your company know what open-source programs it’s using? How it’s developing and deploying them both in-house and to customers?”

I’m not so sure that these problems are truly bigger problems for open source as they are for software in general. When people in companies select a new piece of software (for use as a standalone product or as an integrated component of a larger system) they miss one important thing: it is much more like a hiring decision than they probably realize. Many of the considerations people make for new employees (reputation, cultural fit, how they are to work with) are equally applicable to new software components and systems.

(CIO article via Matthew Aslett @ The 451 Group)

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