We’re all home now

We got to check out of the hospital yesterday and head home. Everyone is doing well…Margaret and Hazel are sleeping, and this is the first time I’ve mustered the energy to get back in front of the computer since being home. Some more details below the fold…

Margaret started going into serious labor at about 1am Monday morning as she was getting ready for bed. The birth center was pretty busy, so the nurse was setting expectations about possibly sending us home. After the examination, there was a sudden shift in the tenor, which now included the comment “looks like someone is havin’ a birfday!”

We moved into our room, and from there, Margaret labored sans epidural until 3pm, which given that she’d now been awake for 30 hours and laboring for 14 hours, she really needed the break (for that matter, I did too). Once she had the epidural (and subsequent fiddling to get things right) and a chance to rest a couple of hours, she spent another three hours pushing, but to no avail. At around 9:30pm, the doctor wasn’t seeing the kind of progress that would be necessary for Hazel to be born before she became a teenager, so she advised us to go with the caesarean before Margaret was completely exhausted. That Margaret wasn’t completely exhausted already is a bit of a mystery to me, but I guess that’s why guys don’t get assigned this whole birthin’ babies duty.

One really nice thing about the caesaean approach is that things get a lot more deterministic. We went from vague estimates of dialation and effacement to having a very detailed (and short) timeline of how things should (and did) play out. Hazel was born at 10:10pm, weighing in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces, without having the “I just got squeezed through a garden hose” look that most newborns have (another caesarian benefit).

The downside, of course, is that a caesarian is abdominal surgery, with all of the fun things that go along with that, so the new mother had to spend an extra day in the hospital, pushing around an IV and generally feeling like someone that just had surgery. That said, she’s been bouncing back from that remarkably quickly. I have to repeatedly remind her to stop doing some things for herself, and she’s routinely turning down pain medication that I lived for when I had surgery many years ago.

Naming Hazel was an interesting endeavor. We had a fairly long list of names, but a short list of two or three that were the likely ones. “Hazel” wasn’t on the short list, but was one of Margaret’s favorites that seemed pretty fitting to me once I got the chance to meet her. Dunno what it is, but she’s a “Hazel”. “Mae” is actually Margaret’s old initials (back when her last name was “Eyrse”). It was so obvious this kid comes from her mother that even our preselected middle name went out the window. Anticipating a new FAQ, here’s the answer: “no, you can’t see the list…Hazel doesn’t even get to see it until she’s 14, if we can even find it”.

Anyway, mom and baby are doing fine, other than the sleep deprevation that everyone tells you about, but you never really understand until you are experiencing it firsthand. Since I have a much more limited role in the feeding, I’m getting more sleep, but that’s all relative. Even though I’ve got the easy job, it still feels remarkably like finals week in college.

Our job this weekend is to fatten Hazel up. We’ve got a couple of appointments in the next few days to make sure we’re on the job, so I’d better get to bed so that I can help where I need to. Thanks everyone for the emails and comments here…we are reading them all, and you’re all in our thoughts. We’ll hopefully be getting more sociable as we get the hang of this.

15 thoughts on “We’re all home now

  1. Congratulations guys! While I don’t think I would have thought of “Hazel” even though it’s in the family, the minute I heard that was the name I LOVED it, just though it was so cool. Even I can tell “she’s just a Hazel” and I haven’t even met her yet!
    Anyway, while the labor and sleep deprivation seem less than fun, I know she’s well worth it all, and can’t wait to see her. Loved the photos and the blog, please keep it coming in all of your spare time Rob.

  2. Sorry I called during “Bath time” yesterday! As I said, I will bring Great-Grandma Eyrse by probably Sunday, but I will call first and make sure it’s an OK time. TRY to get some sleep….just try. See you soon. Love you.

  3. Congratulations from the Klute Family! We need to get together some time. Still all in the Richland area. Give Hazel a hug for us.

  4. Holy cow – Margaret rocks!!! And welcome, cutie Hazel.

    Congratulations from Benjamin, Henrik and Janet. Let me know if I can drop off some pre-made meals.

  5. Congratulations and welcome Hazel!
    Great description of the birth experience – it brought back memories of our daughter being born over 8 years ago – I hope you enjoy the same blessings we’ve had with our family.

  6. I just dropped a line to Margaret but figured I would post here as well… Job well done guys – that’s a beautiful baby with a beautiful name. I will look forward to seeing her soon.

  7. Can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am to hear about the new family addition. Margaret, a big old hug to you, Baby Hazel, a kiss on top of your noggin, Rob, one comment only: You Lucky Devil!


  8. Hi there,
    Congradulation to all of you. We met Hazel in the orchestra, for a while, thou not directly. Does anybody keep a list of what instrument she is going to play, string or keyboard? Please show her the list well before she is 14.

    Have fun!


  9. Congratulations from Alice and Greg here in Switzerland! We know that you will be great parents!

    All the best!
    Alice and Greg

  10. Gid. Fine. Congratulations. I think Rahul, Pat, and I owe you some oysters!


  11. Congratulations! She’s a beautiful baby! Neither of you (parents) will ever be the same, but most of the time, you will be very glad about that. We couldn’t be happier for you!

  12. Margaret, Rob & Little “Hazel”

    Margaret just received an e-mail from your father (my cousin )that you had a new baby girl, Congradulations and happy to hear that you are both doing fine. Also that I really like the name, because that was my mothers name, which would of been your Great Aunt Hazel Olt. Enjoy your little one and again congradilations.

  13. Hey Rob & Margaret. Major congratulations to you both. May your endeavor into parenthood be one full of wonderful surprises and many happy years of watching your new beautiful daughter grow up. The pictures are beautiful (she’s so long!). We are very happy for the 3 of you! And we are looking forward to seeing her soon when she’s allowed to come out and play! I’d say another outing to the Endofline Joe’s would be a good time – on your schedule of course. Again – many blessings and welcome to the rest of your lives as a FAMILY! 🙂

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