Update from MargL-Mommy

Finally updated the photo gallery with some new photos. http://photos.robla.net/gallery/v/2006/

The Grandparents (MargL’s mom and Rob’s parents) have arrived and quickly got to work cleaning and sorting and building things. Aunt Dawn and Uncle Mike brought by some fixin’s for sandwiches and salads so we didn’t have to cook (yay!). Not that I’ve avoided cooking – day before yesterday I had a craving for STEAK and the weather was cooperating so I did BBQ. It was a good sign that Hazel was unconcerned that Mom smelled like charred beef when she came in (yeah, all you vegetarians go ahead and cringe.)

Tomorrow is another weigh-in and we see just how fat and happy the baby is with all the good feeding, love and attention that she’s been getting. If she hasn’t gained enough weight we’ll have to start the injections of melted butter… http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=pd_sl_aw_tops-1_kitchen_7241953_2/102-2734194-0907304?search-alias=kitchen&keywords=flavor%20injector

2 thoughts on “Update from MargL-Mommy

  1. Neither. Sharing a blog is like having a long protracted discussion about tons of topics all without actually having to face the person and being able to do it when you are most “in your groove” which in my case is usually after 8:30 PM. In this way it is much like the freshman in college all night discussions before the novelty of such all night discussions wore off.

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