Roundabout Retardedness

Neighborhood roundaboutWe went out on a walk with Hazel today. On our way, we walked by a recently installed roundabout. In case we were under any illusion that we live in Europe, watching people try to navigate this thing will swiftly dispel those illusions.

CloseupLeft turns are fun to watch. After an awkward hesitation, most drivers proceed to turn counterclockwise (wrong)…especially fun when multiple people are there. Sadly (or perhaps fortunately for our health) we weren’t there to witness the placement of any of the numorous tire marks pictured on the right, but its fun to imagine.

One thought on “Roundabout Retardedness

  1. The same thing happened the day after a traffic calming roundabout device was installed at the end of our street. Two big fat “dooley” tire tracks right through the dirt! One neighbor who saw it happen said the truck didn’t even slow down, and appeared to purposely drive right through the new roundabout.

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