Comments from the Wife: (Life – Sleep) + Stress = Life with baby

Things keep rolling along here in the Lanphier house. I miss having the grandparents around to help with stuff like dishes and laundry – may just have to hire a maid. It’s odd to find myself thinking that because when the idea first came up a few years ago I was adamantly opposed to having someone else come in to help with cleaning. Now I’m considering it might be worth paying for… the whole Time is Money thing.

The one biggest worry I’ve had is the whole weight issue. How much does she weigh? Is she getting enough to eat? Well, according to the doctor she’s doing fine. She’s a whole 8 pounds as of today and has been gaining on average a little over an ounce a day. That’s the standard “weight goal” for a growing baby. Yay! She’s also getting really good at standing, with help (eeeeK!) and holding her head up. And screaming – yeah – screaming “Bloooody Murrrr-der!!!” is one of her well developed talents. Shoving a boob or a bottle in her mouth usually fixes that. 🙂

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